Could You Be Loved, And Be Loved?

We all want to be loved. From our families, a potential mate, and from our friends. I saw this last week when a lot of stories on adoption came through my reader. During this writing journey, I’m taking on a position that requires me to find insane and thought-provoking stories for a particular audience. I like shock factor so I figure this would be easy, but I didn’t know how much it would really affect me.

There was this story that was pretty popular around the internet a few weeks ago about Davion Only, a 15-year-old orphan who stood up and begged to be adopted by a family that wouldn’t just buy him the latest video games or clothes. He just wanted to be loved and cared for. Isn’t that what we all want? I was lucky enough that I didn’t have to grow up in the system but what about the children that are? After his story went viral, (hate that term) thousands of people are now wanting to give Only the only gift he wanted- a home.

I’d like to think that perhaps someone from his immediate family could have taken him in, not just tell him that his mom loved him but tried to defend her. As he begged to be taken in at church that day, he was surrounded by his birth parents family and his social worker. There were no takers, but that’s the mystery in the way things happen. When one door is closed, in time another one will open.

Adoption has always had a negative connotation with it. Just because we’re ‘adoptees’ doesn’t mean we’re angry, unstable  youths you see on the news.


Some of the best leaders and entertainers were adopted like Bill Clinton, Faith Hill and Nelson Mandela. Yes Nelson Mandela. With over 400,000 children in foster homes in the U.S, just the thought that they can be the change the world needs makes me smile. We have the strength others may lack; we can adapt quickly to situations, are strong and courageous and won’t be defined by the term. Now with Only possibly having a home soon, I hope he gets to experience the best gift of all: family.

I’ve learned that my family is a reflective of who I am, physically we couldn’t look more different. I’ve gotten side-eyed more times at family functions than I can count. I know one thing: the weird faces I make when I hear horrible ideas, the way I dance, and my awesome cooking comes from them.

Hopefully Only and other adoptees will see that it isn’t about have a “real” mom or someone that looks like you to be family. You aren’t raised by one person, but everyone else around because the love is that strong. So could you be loved? Always. Can you love? Only if you’re open to it and no matter the situation, you should.


Breakfast In America and Why Are My YouTube Ads in Spanish?

I’ll admit that I’m not the biggest breakfast person. I eat the basics, well just eggs (they’re my favorite!) but like many others I peeped the Cheerios commercial that has gotten everyone’s bloomers in a bunch. If you haven’t seen it, it’s focus was an adorable little girl who had a Caucasian mother and African American father. It was cute, clever and smart. After all, ever since 2008 Latinos and African Americans have been becoming the majority in the United States so I wasn’t surprised when I saw the commercial. Somehow, somewhere people were actually offended by it.

I find it odd that people were offended by this simple but powerful commercial. After all, advertisers and the people who were involved in this commercial knew what they were doing. Let’s just say I know an adorable bi-racial kid who didn’t get the part because they didn’t look “mixed enough.” (ie: no blonde hair) They wanted to pose some type of reaction and they got it.

What I would like to know is where were the picketers with their comments when these gems where on the silver tube?

From: Liquid GenerationTube

Yes, the general public cannot be satisfied, but we should be happy that most folks are accepting the new normal which has always been pretty normal to me.

I come from a pretty big family. Six of us to be exact, with my brother and I being the only mixed ones out the bunch. It didn’t matter that we didn’t see people like us on television when we kids, but if there was just a piece of us being represented (Puerto Rican or African American) I was content with it.

It’s great that kids these days can watch T.V. and say “Hey! She looks like me!” and not be shunned at or look down upon because Mommy or Daddy was down with “the swirl.”

The world and society is changing, so like you told your parents in your baby boomer days, “Get with the times, man!” Image

  And here’s a pic of my fam from NYE 2007, just for kicks:


#AprilWritingChallenge (Days 8-11)

Here’s my second installment of the #ApriWritingChallenge. I just finished reading other awesome writers’ posts and they were pretty funny, dark, enlightening and far from what I expected. If you can scatter all of your thoughts into just a few sentences then you’ve earned your lucky stickers from me. No one can create or build an idea how you can, and I think that’s why I enjoy challenges like this.

Without further ado, 

Day 8

Black Is…

Black is pretty low on the totem pole of the Pantone Color chart. Black is the go to color for women to cover their imperfections. Black is ignored when I ask people their favorite colors. Black is forgotten in fashion.

Black will never be a negative.

Black goes with everything. Black is the color of our favorite lingerie. Black isn’t ignored when you talk about power. Everyone will remember how “black” every musical genre is. Black is you, me and how many people live. Don’t believe me? Check out how many other cultures are infatuated with African American culture. Don’t think we have an impact on the world? Take a look at the leaders, musicians, doctors, entertainers, mothers, and fathers that have inspired us and if you flip over that Pantone chart, Black is right on top- where it should be.

Day 9

I get upset when

(Now Playing: Shake It Out/Florence and The Machine)

I get upset when people give up. Challenges are the greatest gift ever bestowed on us. We’re able to analyze every possible way to conquer something that we believe is greater than us. While I dislike the challenges that swerve my way, I steer them smoothly so I can remember the tracks. You never want to repeat the same mistakes over again. Challenges are here to remind you why you strive for the best in your life. Giving up just shows that you don’t want that.  Florence Welch said it best “It’s hard to dance with the devil on your back,” how do you mange to forget that? You can’t complain and expect results if you don’t continue the fight. The best victories are expected when you know that you’ve pushed through it all. How can you be upset with a victory like that?

Day 10

This summer…

This summer will be better than the last. Don’t we all say this? There was nothing wrong with my 2012 summer, I got to see incredible acts on tour (Eric Prydz, Kendrick Lamar, Rockie Fresh, Wiz Khalifa) but I also spent my first summer in GA. Sure I was living there for a while, but I always skated away to the Big Apple every year. I enjoyed the summer streets of NYC so much that I ignored the gorgeous southern weather just to walk on hot concrete and  deal with angry tourists. Summer is GA doesn’t sound as pretty as “Summer in Miami” but it was an adventure. It looks as though this summer I got what I wanted. I’ll be scurrying the city looking for my big story and a (permanent) place of solitude. This summer will show me what I’m really made of and I’m definitely looking forward to that.

Day 11

I was shocked when…..

I was shocked when I met people like me. Why did it take so long? I guess you meet people in different musical montages of your life. In the beginning, while Byron Lee and The Dragonieers (look it up) bonded my sisters and I in a calypso dream, today I’m thrown for a loop between my old friends and new while J. Cole’s “Power Trip” blares from my iTunes for the 5th time today. It’s always a delight meeting people and creating memories with the ones who matter. I was shocked that about the time frame, but I couldn’t be happier about the new people who are in my life. They’re all incredible talented folks who probably jam as hard to J.Cole as I do.