Let Me Talk My Ish

Pledge Allegiance To The Struggle

December is crazy month for everyone.

We’re either rambling about finals, work or questionable anxiety when you’ve done nothing with yourself this year the nerves set in. We’ve heard it all before. I’ve realized that I’m not apart of that bunch anymore and it’s a great feeling. (Insert confetti)


This doesn’t mean that we have it all together. There will always be moments when life kicks the mess out of you, but that’s when the thinking cap comes on and you figure it out. 2013 was the year I fell into my personality and was finally able to be comfortable with myself. Friends, money and opportunities came and went in the process, but the worst situations deliver the best blessings.

I can’t pin point any struggle that was the absolute worst. Maybe it was the time I jumped the turnstile in heels with my laptop, or getting creative with just 10 bucks worth of groceries, or watching someone steal my words and claim them as their own, but they are moments that will stick with me for the long haul.

Dreams aren’t easy to achieve, this isn’t something teachers tell you when your picking your career. It’s something you find out for yourself. If you don’t suffer from some kind of struggle how do you learn?

So salute to all the peeps who are fighting for their dreams. Never wallow in your own disappointment.

Remember that it all amounts to something greater, maybe even bigger than you imagined.


Make it yours. I know I will make it mine.


Inspiration Pointe

What’s world without a few challenges? We think about this every time we face a struggle or a battle we think we can’t fight. I’ve learned that sometimes it’s not just about the blows we’re blocking, but how many we allow to get through.

There used to be a lot of people around me who believed that their past battles affected the bitter sick sad world they lived in. The blame of course was never on them, but someone else for making them either fall into something or talk them out of something. After laughing and finding that just as dumb as all these Kendrick “Control” responses, I started to see my happy demeanor slowly diminishing, and becoming a product of other people’s misery. Does this make me weak? Does this make me trapped in a box? Does this make me a former version of myself?  Nope. It made me human.


Being a guarded soul always kept me happy. When something is wrong, no one has to know; you figure that shit out and keep it moving. That mentality has everything to do with girl groups and the sassy women who raised me. I decided to let a wall down, my filter was gone and I had no idea what I was doing or taking in. I felt every single jab life through at me. I still do.

Do you know what makes life great? Every battle gives you a story and every story has inspiration. If not for you, perhaps someone else. This year has given me more lessons then college or high school, or even the projects have ever given me. The wall will never go up, but my gloves are out and I can say I’m finally prepared. Bring it.