Pledge Allegiance To The Struggle

December is crazy month for everyone.

We’re either rambling about finals, work or questionable anxiety when you’ve done nothing with yourself this year the nerves set in. We’ve heard it all before. I’ve realized that I’m not apart of that bunch anymore and it’s a great feeling. (Insert confetti)


This doesn’t mean that we have it all together. There will always be moments when life kicks the mess out of you, but that’s when the thinking cap comes on and you figure it out. 2013 was the year I fell into my personality and was finally able to be comfortable with myself. Friends, money and opportunities came and went in the process, but the worst situations deliver the best blessings.

I can’t pin point any struggle that was the absolute worst. Maybe it was the time I jumped the turnstile in heels with my laptop, or getting creative with just 10 bucks worth of groceries, or watching someone steal my words and claim them as their own, but they are moments that will stick with me for the long haul.

Dreams aren’t easy to achieve, this isn’t something teachers tell you when your picking your career. It’s something you find out for yourself. If you don’t suffer from some kind of struggle how do you learn?

So salute to all the peeps who are fighting for their dreams. Never wallow in your own disappointment.

Remember that it all amounts to something greater, maybe even bigger than you imagined.


Make it yours. I know I will make it mine.

Let’s Do It Again

It’s 2 AM on a Friday night. The subway is filled with all types of after midnight marauders, as usual. While I’m sure that I look like the perfect bait for the potential rapist lurking, none of that matters right now. The joy and excitement I experienced with the other writers and  how happy my editors were for VIBE’s 20th Anniversary party was worth it. It was insane  for me not to think that the pages I use to highlight, bookmark and plaster on my walls would be one of the many jobs I have today.

New Rules

New Rules

I’ve always loved VIBE. Since I was kid it was one of my favorite magazines. It told the story of Hip Hop’s Golden Age, prolonged/investigated (debatable of course) the battle of East v. West Coast music, and followed the careers of the biggest names in Hip Hop today. I’ve always viewed Vibe as the journal of Hip Hop. It covered the high moments, the many lows, and where it’s heading today. While music will always reflect the many aspects of it’s historical past, we’re finally taking keen to the new artists who have found the perfect balance of homage and creating new sounds. (Insert your favorite artist here) It feels good to know that I can finally create some entries of my own.


Two hours later I’m finally home, well not in my house but off the train. As I walk down the middle of the street (heels in hand) my flats are hugging my toes while I speed walk down the dark road. It’s late but I’m happy. I take risks everyday and this was nothing compared to the journey that had lead me to this point.

Cheers to print and the legacy that is Vibe. Let’s see what happens ten or 20 more years from now!

The Newbies

The Newbies

These Fleeting Moments

“I’m not gonna let no one speed up my process..I don’t care about what’s happening out there. That’s the great thing about having total confidence in yourself. It doesn’t matter what’s happening; this is what I like. My life is tailor made for me.”
– Jay Z