Breakfast In America and Why Are My YouTube Ads in Spanish?

I’ll admit that I’m not the biggest breakfast person. I eat the basics, well just eggs (they’re my favorite!) but like many others I peeped the Cheerios commercial that has gotten everyone’s bloomers in a bunch. If you haven’t seen it, it’s focus was an adorable little girl who had a Caucasian mother and African American father. It was cute, clever and smart. After all, ever since 2008 Latinos and African Americans have been becoming the majority in the United States so I wasn’t surprised when I saw the commercial. Somehow, somewhere people were actually offended by it.

I find it odd that people were offended by this simple but powerful commercial. After all, advertisers and the people who were involved in this commercial knew what they were doing. Let’s just say I know an adorable bi-racial kid who didn’t get the part because they didn’t look “mixed enough.” (ie: no blonde hair) They wanted to pose some type of reaction and they got it.

What I would like to know is where were the picketers with their comments when these gems where on the silver tube?

From: Liquid GenerationTube

Yes, the general public cannot be satisfied, but we should be happy that most folks are accepting the new normal which has always been pretty normal to me.

I come from a pretty big family. Six of us to be exact, with my brother and I being the only mixed ones out the bunch. It didn’t matter that we didn’t see people like us on television when we kids, but if there was just a piece of us being represented (Puerto Rican or African American) I was content with it.

It’s great that kids these days can watch T.V. and say “Hey! She looks like me!” and not be shunned at or look down upon because Mommy or Daddy was down with “the swirl.”

The world and society is changing, so like you told your parents in your baby boomer days, “Get with the times, man!” Image

  And here’s a pic of my fam from NYE 2007, just for kicks: