Hello World (Lupe voice)

This is an introduction-right? Let’s skip over that while you indulge in some of my thoughts. While your jumping in between tabs, I’d like to welcome you to my online-humble-abode. All you need to know (for right now at least) is that I enjoy what I do. Well we skipped the intro so you’ll have to figure it out through my posts. 

Just kidding. 

Today, there isn’t just one “thing” that we do as careers. People have different talents, strengths and jobs. So if you were forced to watch a lifetime movie about myself, you would know that I’m a writer who has a love for music and covering the news. At this point of the film, a young racially ambiguous Persia White is playing myself when I’m in my intern days at Vibe Magazine.

Pretty cool right?



She’s left her family and friends in Atlanta to come back to her hometown to pursue her dreams. Don’t change the channel yet- there’s fun friendships, side jobs and, musical montages to watch. 

Welcome to The Cool.



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